Jones Center

Organization Name: Granite School District
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382 East 3605 South
Granite School District
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
Phone: 385-646-4526
Fax: 385-646-4221
Wheelchair Access: Entry and Bathroom(s)
Eligibility: Special needs and at-risk students ages 16 through 22 in the Granite School District.
Services Provided: Hilda B. Jones Center provides a vocational training environment to give special education and at-risk students the opportunity to gain work-maturity skills and specific job skills.
Student Benefits: Support of trainers as the student is integrated into a work environment; Development of skills which allows students to become more marketable in the competitive work force; Opportunities to work with co-workers, supervisors, employers, and customers; Training in job readiness skills necessary to gain, maintain and move within a student’s prospective job; Practice in writing resumes, completing applications, and performing interviews; Participation in a school wide Worker of the Month program; Training and practice in various social skills are integrated in all job sites.
Student Enrollment: Students enroll in one or more classes, or job sites. Some job sites are located at the Jones Center, and other job sites are within the community. Teachers or counselors who wish to enroll a student in the Jones Center should contact Amy Hendrickson (435) 646-7460

Jones Center Job Sites: Bakery
Banquet Services
Computer Lab
Commercial Laundry
Community Access and Mobility Training
Custom Arts and Crafts
Floral Design
Community Based Job Sites: Greenhouse (located at the GTI)
Hancock Fabrics
Jones Center Gift Shop (located at the District Offices)
US Novelty / KMART / Workshop
Source: United Way 2-1-1
Last Updated: 1/7/2020