Council of Citizens with Low Vision International

1703 N. Beauregard Street
Alexandria, VA 22311
Toll Free Phone: 800-733-2258
Services Provided: With the purposes of: establish the right of persons with low vision to make full use of their vision through all available aids, services and technology; provide a mechanism through which low vision people can express their individual needs, interests and preferences; educate the general public, professionals, and low vision people themselves as to the potentialities, capabilities, and needs of low vision people; establish outreach programs to insure that all individuals with low vision have access to necessary services; promote research to prevent blindness, improve maximum utilization of sight, and improve environmental conditions and access for low vision people; support the development of and expansion of pre-service and in-service training programs to improve the quality and quantity of medical and rehabilitative low vision services.

System Advocacy
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Last Updated: 8/12/2019