Gina Pola-Money

Family Voices of Utah
Bureau of Children with Special Health Care Needs
44 North Medical Drive
PO Box 144650
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4650
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Gina Pola-Money is the Utah Family Voices Director and is involved in different areas related to children and youth with special needs. She works at the Bureau of Children with Special Health Care Needs as a family advocate and is charged with incorporating family involvement at all levels and areas of health and related systems, providing parent input to state and national level policies and programs, advocating for Utah's children with special health care needs and in helping families build the necessary skills to effectively navigate the complex system of care. One of the major initiatives that she works with is the Utah Collaborative Medical Home project. Specifically, for the URLEND program she participates by presenting seminars, serving on the Management committee, and identifying and involving families to share their experience and expertise through one-on-one contacts with trainees, group lectures and other participatory activities that are identified throughout the academic year.