Linking to Other Websites

The Medical Home Portal uses the following in determining to which outside websites and resources we should link:

  • Are the website's content and/or services relevant to the Portal’s audiences (families and clinical providers of children and youth with special healthcare needs)?
  • Is the website's content authoritative and useful? Who are the authors or creators of the content?
  • Is the website's information accurate and current; are the dates of content creation and/or its last update displayed?
  • What type of organization is responsible for the site (nonprofit, commercial, government)?
    • If a .com site, does it provide a unique and valuable service?
    • If a non-profit, can 501(c)3 status be demonstrated?
  • Is the primary intent of the website to educate and inform, rather than to persuade, convert, or sell?
  • The site may include advertising but must be free from heavy marketing or promotion of products.
  • Are the mission, source(s) of funding, leadership, and author credentials spelled out clearly?
  • Is there a physical location? Is there an email address and/or telephone number for contact purposes?
  • Is there a charge for what the website purports to provide?
  • What is the website's policy for the privacy of personal information?
    • Do they sell or use it any way?
    • Is it explicit and simple?
  • Does the site link appropriately to the Medical Home Portal? To which Portal pages? From where in the website?

We do not refer or link to web sites that focus on medical or other malpractice or on injuries potentially resulting from human or corporate errors or that aim to recruit or identify patients or families that have suffered from such injuries or errors.

If you are interested in having the Medical Home Portal link to an external website, please respond to each of the considerations above in your correspondence to or use the Portal's Feedback form.

Disclaimer: The Portal reserves the right to prioritize, limit, and remove link entries. Inclusion does not imply endorsement of an organization or its individual programs or services, nor does omission reflect disapproval. While we strive to maintain accurate information in the Portal, error-free links cannot be guaranteed.

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