Mountainlands Family Health Center - Provo Family Health Center

Organization Name: Mountainlands Family Health Center, Inc.
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589 South State Street
Provo, UT 84606
Phone: 801-429-2000
Fax: 801-429-2001
Eligibility: CHCs serve everyone, insured and uninsured. Patients pay for services on a sliding-scale fee structure based on their income.
Services Provided: Provides the following services: Immunizations and well-baby checks, obstetrics/gynecology, acute visits, adult checks, dental exams, cleanings, fillings and crowns, physical exams, and therapy, counseling and education. A reduced cost pharmacy is available for Mountainlands patients only.
Provider Profiles: AUCH
Source: United Way 2-1-1
Last Updated: 1/9/2020