Polizzi Clinic

Address: 515 East 4500 South Set G220
Salt Lake City, UT 84107
Phone: 801-590-9557
Toll Free Phone: 801-587-3000
Fax: 801-590-9957
Eligibility: People ages 6 and up. Children younger than 6 are taken on a case-by-case basis. People who are uninsured and ineligible for government assistance. Household income must fall within 150% of current Federal Poverty Guidelines. Persons may not have substance use as the primary diagnosis. Person may not have a Severe Personality Disorder.
Services Provided: The Polizzi Clinic provides no-cost, high quality psychiatric care to uninsured and low-income individuals. Diagnostic and medication clinic. The Polizzi Clinic is designed as a safety net, a bridge to existing community mental health services for those most in need, providing psychiatric evaluation and medication management at no cost. Referral to therapy services.
Provider Profiles: Emily Capito, LCSW, MBA
Noel Gardner, MD, Executive Director

wait time - within a week
Clinic open two days/week

See brief introductory video on the Polizzi Clinic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik3Jp1jsacw&list=PLGPZBtAtWIlWZ7RBq8HhA3u4Pm37DsZ1F&index=5
Original Source: United Way 2-1-1
Last Updated: 6/13/2019