Utah Medicaid Program

Organization Name: Utah Department of Health
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P.O. Box 143106
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-3106
Phone: 801-538-6155
Toll Free Phone: 800-662-9651
Fax: 801-538-6805
Email: medicaidmemberfeedback@utah.gov
Eligibility: Individuals must complete an application and meet income and other eligibility requirements. Special programs available for the blind, disabled, aged, pregnant woman, child under age 19, family with dependent children, women with breast or cervical cancer, and/or refugees.
Services Provided: COVID-19 Update: Utah Medicaid members who are diagnosed COVID-19+ or in quarantine because of it can access transportation from hospital discharge to home, or from facility to facility by calling their local 911 and they will help make arrangements for the member.Medicaid is a source of health insurance coverage for Utah's vulnerable populations. Medicaid is a state/federal program that pays for medical services for low-income pregnant women, children, individuals who are elderly or have a disability, parents and women with breast or cervical cancer. To qualify, these individuals must meet income and other eligibility requirements. Additional contacts: Constituent Services, Health Choice Utah, Health Program Representative (HPR), Healthy U, Molina Healthcare, New Choices Waiver, and SelectHealth Community Care.

  • Medicaid Information/Counseling
  • COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests
  • Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
  • Medicaid Appeals/Complaints
  • State Medicaid Waiver Programs
  • State/Local Health Insurance Programs
Source: United Way 2-1-1
Last Updated: 11/16/2020