SEER Outfitters

Organization Name: Kyle Korver Foundation
Address: Salt Lake City, UT
Services Provided: In Salt Lake City, we are a nonprofit construction group providing freedom for people in chairs through wheelchair accessibility ramps. Insurance rarely covers the cost of a ramp, and as children grow larger, parents aren’t able to haul them in and out of their homes like they used to. We have now been able to partner up with area businesses, and many of you to install over 100 wheelchair ramps free of charge. The Kyle Korver foundation believes that a grassroots individualistic approach is the way to enact change. In Salt Lake we have developed a construction company with our own warehouse/workshop, and construction coordinator. We welcome requests to fix up homes, shelters. We have shingled houses, built custom cabinets, redone floors, bathrooms, kitchen remodels, put in handicap railing, and dozens of handicap ramps.

The Salt Lake City SEER Groups works to provide accessibility ramps for persons in wheelchairs.
Original Source: MedHome Portal
Last Updated: 11/12/2018