New Frontiers for Families

Address: PO Box 207
Tropic, UT 84776
Phone: 435-676-2599
Fax: 866-897-7322
Eligibility: Parents with referral for program from DCFS. Other parents by request.
Wheelchair Accessible: Varies By Location
Services Provided: A service organization for at risk children in rural central Utah, providing Family Resource Facilitating, Peer Parenting, Supported Employment, After-school Programs. Provides support to parents and youth with complex needs, through education, advocacy, training and peer to peer support. The Family Academy provides training on topics including school issues, communication, mediation, family teaming, family culture, agency support and mandates, as well as services and supports available in their local community.
Participates in the Family Resource Facilitator Project, employing highly trained parent resource facilitators.
Original Source: MedHome Portal
Last Updated: 10/25/2018