Dancers with Disabilities Classes

Organization Name: Tanner Dance, University of Utah
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Address: 1721 Campus Center Drive Rm 1121
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
Phone: 801-581-7374
Eligibility: Children and young adults, ages 3 and older
Services Provided: Classes for ages 3 - 7, 8 - 14, 15 years and up. Dancers with Disabilities Classes offer creative movement classes for children with disabilities, including wheelchair-bound children, to promote creative self-expression and therapeutic benefits of dance.

Summer: full and half-day week-long summer camps in dance, music, visual art and theater and weekly studio classes ages 18 months to adult.

The class includes appropriate technique exercises for the whole body, and dancers explore shape, space, rhythm, and movement quality. Teachers use literature and other springboards that they creatively weave into the class. All classes have live accompaniment by experienced and engaging musicians. The DwD classes have the opportunity to perform at Kingsbury Hall in a year-end performance.
Provider Profiles: Joni Wilson, Dancers with Disabilities Classes (with live accompaniment)

Tanner Dance is a Department of Services for People with Disabilities provider.
Original Source: Help Me Grow Utah via United Way 2-1-1
Last Updated: 2/21/2019