Northeastern Services - Price

190 South 200 East
Price, UT 84501
Phone: 435-637-6134
Fax: 801-802-7086
Wheelchair Access: Complete

Children and adults. Must be on a program through The Division of Services for People with Disabilities.

Services Provided:

1. Northeastern Services support opportunities for people to achieve independence, enhance self-esteem and sustain a full, quality of life.
2. We are hired by Division of Services for People with Disabilities to teach life skills.
3. Life skills such as budgeting finances, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.
4. We work with younger children and young adults to help them live out their dreams.
5. The ultimate goal for our consumers is to achieve independence and become an asset to their community.

Provider Profiles:

Pattie Sanderson, Director

Source: Medical Home Portal
Last Updated: 4/19/2022