SUD Treatment Services

Organization Name: Salt Lake County Behavioral Health Services
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2001 South State Street Ste S2-300
Salt lake city, UT 84190-3050
Phone: 385-468-4707
Fax: 385-468-4740
Wheelchair Access: Complete
Eligibility: Salt Lake county resident. Have or have had an identified substance use disorder and are: National Guard Members and their Families or Significant Other, referred from primary health care providers or other health care entity, or self-referred, and shall not be subject to a court order or condition of probation that dictates a specific treatment or recovery support service, and do not have the ability to pay for services.
Services Provided: The Division does not treat clients directly, but has a group of subcontracted providers throughout Salt Lake County that are responsible for the treatment of referred clients. The Division subcontracts with the University of Utah's Assessment & Referral Services to perform assessments, offers free interim groups for individuals who may have to wait for admission into treatment, and utilizes school districts and other providers to deliver prevention education.
Source: United Way 2-1-1
Last Updated: 9/26/2020