South East Early Intervention Program - Moab

Organization Name: Utah State University
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1105 South Highway 191, Suite 1
Moab, UT 84532
Phone: 435-259-1114
Fax: 435-259-1133
Wheelchair Access: Yes
Eligibility: Children, preemies and newborn to three years of age who have significant health problems, including failure to thrive, significant behavioral difficulties, physical disabilities, vision or hearing impairments, feeding or sleep issues, or delays in speech or communication, problem solving, or learning.
Services Provided: A home-based program which provides services to assist families in promoting developmental skills for infants and toddlers who have, or are at risk for, developmental delays.
Provider Profiles: Audrey Graham
This and other Early Intervention programs are available statewide through the Utah Department of Health.
Source: United Way 2-1-1
Last Updated: 1/6/2020