Prenatal Genetic Counseling/Diagnosis

Description: Genetic Testing--Prenatal Evaluation Programs that utilize any of a variety of techniques to detect fetal abnormalities prior to the birth of the child. Results of the tests can be used to manage the remaining weeks of pregnancy, plan for possible complications in the birth process, plan for care of the newborn infant, decide whether to continue the pregnancy and/or determine whether fetal treatment is required. (AIRS LF-7300)

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Denver, CO

Organization Name: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Address: 430 Cherry Drive
Denver, CO 80222-1530
Phone: 602-870-4752
Eligibility: AZ, CO, MT, NM, NV, TX, UT, WY
Services Provided: Listing of genetics-related resources available in the region (AZ, CO, MT, NM, NV, TX, UT, WY) including clinical genetics, consumer support, newborn screening, prenatal genetics, genetics laboratories, and specialty clinics. Established in 1993 to provide private alternatives to support public programs for genetics and maternal health services and education. One of several Regional Genetic Services Directory
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Last Updated: 6/25/2018