Project ECHO Archive 2021

Archives for Pediatric Mental Health teleECHO Clinics are below. Each clinic starts with a didactic, followed by case presentations. The didactic portion of each clinic is recorded and uploaded to the Billings Clinic Project ECHO VIMEO Channel. Recording the didactics allows those that were not able to attend or those that wish to review the topics access to the presentations. In addition to the recorded videos you will also find the PDF of each didactic presentation. Recordings do not include case presentations, this is to ensure patient’s protected health information and privacy is protected.

THC Series - Part 1

Recorded January 13, 2021
Mariela Herrera, MD
This didactic includes discussion about Cannabis Sativa, Hemp, The Endocannabinoid System, Cannabidiol, General Cannabinoid Pharmacology, CNS Pharmacology, GI Pharmacology, Liver Pharmacology, Cardiovascular System, Other Risks/Unknowns, History, Evidence for Approved Indications, Marijuana Legalization Leads to More Problematic Use, Marketing.

ACEs Connection - what, how, why of this social platform to expand ACEs science and resiliency work

Recorded January 27, 2021
Karen Clemmer, MN, RN, PHN
This didactic includes discussion and demonstration of the ACEs Connection website. Karen Clemmer, MN, RN, PHN navigates through the ACEs Connection website highlighting important and valuable resources. ACEs Connection is not just a place to find resources but rather a community coming together to share best practices based on ACEs science. Supporting communities to accelerate the use of ACEs science to solve the most intractable problems. ACEs science includes Epidemiology, Impact on the Brain, Impact on the Body, Epigenetics and Resilience.

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