Resources of the Month 2019

Summaries of 2019 Meetings

UCCCN May 2019 Resources of the Month
Presentation: Presentation on the new SPARK project for families with autism; free genetic testing. Talk by Eric Stokes (young adult with autism) on Being a Self-Advocate. Brainstorming on overcoming barriers to improve autism screening & care in our practices.
Cases: included getting a variance for a child to attend a different school district; the difficulties of needing a SS evaluation being homebound and not speaking English; getting services for adolescent refugees; ideas for tracking moms with NAS/NOWS babies?
UCCCN April 2019 Resources of the Month
Presentation: Colin Kingsbury, CSHCN Autism Systems Program Manager presented on autism prevalence in Utah, two screening initiatives beginning soon through Autism Council of Utah. Small groups workshop to identify opportunities in practices to improve autism screening, diagnosis and follow-up.
Cases: an adopted child has TBI and the family needs help with MRI cost, above income for Medicaid; 9 yr-old non-US citizen with Angelman, brain and GI issues, not eligible for children’s Medicaid waiver, school services are not sufficient; family needs tracking device for a child who wanders, can get around door alarms, has sensory issues so won’t wear bracelet or collar but will wear shoes.
March 2019 UCCCN Learning Session Summary (PDF Document 152 KB)
Annual Learning Session: The topic was "Legal Issues and Services for Families with Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs"
UCCCN February 2019 Resources of the Month (PDF Document 120 KB)
Presentation: Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health - what it is, when intervention is needed, treatment options. Dr. Jennifer Miller and Jamie Sellers from the Children's Center presented
Cases: a 17 yo young man with cognitive disabilities who gets combative in testing situations needs x-rays; 17 yo young man with Down Syndrome, mother just died, needs therapy; 8 yo boy with autism can be severely violent.
UCCCN January 2019 Resources of the Month (PDF Document 132 KB)
Presentation: Services provided by Safe and Healthy Families and the Children’s Justice Center, and Mandatory Reporting of Abuse, Neglect and Dependency. Presented by Dinah Weldon, MPA, Director; Kari Cunningham, LCSW
Cases: nonverbal 17 yr old w autism in a foster home, OK’d for 4 hours of weekly community service, needs 2 trained people to accompany him; a transitioning female senior with autism in high school, high functioning, looking for an after-school day treatment and a job; 12 yr old boy, mentally disabled, with drop seizures, g-tube, ADHD, autism, looking for aquatic therapy.

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